S Professional Silent Keyboard Review
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S Professional Silent Keyboard Review

German engineering and a sleek design make this keyboard one of the best wired boards available to type on - however, is the high price worth it?

The S Professional silent keyboard is a wired keyboard designed to provide a comfortable, classic typing experience. This keyboard has a standard layout, but has German engineered keys that are in the keyboard are very easy to type on, and allow you to type extremely fast. Personally, my words per minute rate while using this keyboard has increased by 25 WPM, and I’m still touch typing – not looking down at the keyboard as I do so. However, despite being advertised as a silent keyboard, the keys are actually quite loud, sounding almost like a woodpecker when you type very fast. Additionally, the lettering on the keys wear off pretty quickly – I started to notice some wear and tear after a month or so. I was able to fix this using white paint and a pen, but it looks a lot less professional.

I love the layout of the keyboard, which is classic, and there is no need to get used to new keys or different placements. Each key is exactly where it is supposed to be and is the correct size, so you won’t have any issues hitting the wrong keys while typing. However, there isn’t a palm rest on this keyboard, which could help out a lot when typing for an extended period of time, though this is really more of a personal preference than an expectation – the lack of a palm rest also makes the keyboard much more compact and able to fit onto a desk much easier. Additionally, I love that the keyboard has USB ports built right into it, which allow you to charge your iPod while typing on your computer. This also means that while the keyboard takes up a USB port on your computer, you are actually gaining a USB port, as there are two located on the right side of the keyboard.

All in all, I would highly recommend this keyboard for anyone who is looking for a keyboard designed to make typing fun, or who has a cluttered desktop filled with wires as the USB ports can really help clean up a workspace. However, the keyboard does sell for $135.00 on Amazon, which is quite expensive for a wired keyboard and really way out of the price range that this keyboard should be selling for, especially with the lettering fading off of it after fairly average use and the false advertising regarding the volume of the keys.

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This is a really helpful review; thanks so much for sharing it.