Razer DeathAdder: Quality, Value, and Efficiency
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Razer DeathAdder: Quality, Value, and Efficiency

A review of the Razer mouse product, the DeathAdder. I describe the ups of this mouse and I why will always trust Razer and their products.

I've had the same mouse for about two years now, which is quite good for me. Usually my mice die after about a year of use, and then I have to replace it with a new one, but I guess that's what you get for the cheap mice. I finally decided it was time for an upgrade that would last me a while. While I was at Best Buy deciding what would be the best option for me (At the time I was heavily into Counter Strike Source and Guild Wars) since I was playing an FPS and MMO. At the time of purchasing my DeathAdder the cost was about seventy or eighty dollars, which was more than I usually pay for a mouse, but I knew the brand name Razer and knew I wouldn't be let down. 

DeathAdder Settings Program

The key selling points where the different "Gamer Profiles", high DPI, and the brand name it carries. With the driver that comes along with it their is also a bundled program for the DeathAdder (see picture above). In this program you can set different "Gamer Profiles". Basically, these profiles are different loadouts for your mouse. Let's say you have to different games that you play, one being an MMO, and one being an FPS. For the MMO you probably aren't going to want the exact same feel as the FPS, and you may even want to take advantage of the two macros on the side. For an MMO, I certainly wouldn't want the max DPI setting, so I might maybe use the middle DPI in one profile, and the higher in the other profile. The main options in the software are as follows; button assignments, mousewheel options, rolling rate, DPI, and which profile you are accessing. The other options are important, but just not major (IE: Sensitivity, X Axis Y Axis move speed, etc.). 

The next biggest selling point for me was the DPI, my mouse is capable of 1800 DPI, and now the Deathadder has been revamped to be able to go up to 3500 DPI. DPI is essentially how quickly your mouse moves across the screen, the higher the DPI the quicker, the lower the slower. The average mouse dots per inch (DPI) is about 800 or so, and thats for standard mice that everyday computers use. Razer DeathAdder has the option of going 350, 950, or 1800 DPI. I prefer to keep mine around 1800, just because the faster the better, in my opinion. 

Razer Gaming Logo

Last but not least, the name brand. Anyone that has played any competitive computer game, watched a game tournament, etc. has at least heard of, if not seen the Razer brand. They offer a wide variety of products, varying from Mice to Headsets to Keyboards. I consider myself a Razer fanboy just because I can buy about any of their product and know it will last. I even own a pair of their Razer Charcharias Headset, and they've lasted me a good chunk of time, and probably a lot more time. But, I'll save that for a later article. 

If you are looking for a good value mouse that you can trust to last I highly suggest checking out any Razer product, because they really are all good, and there's no denying that, fanboy or not. The only downside is if you are used to paying thirty or fourty bucks on a mouse, you might want to expect to pay a little bit more, but it is worth it, no doubt. Seriously, go check out their website, check out their products, odds are you'll be needing an upgrade on one of their supported products soon, so might as well get one from Razer (www.razerzone.com/)! 

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