Razer Deathadder Infrared Gaming Mouse Review
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Razer Deathadder Infrared Gaming Mouse Review

The Razer DeathAdder is the weapon of choice for gamers seeking a combination of comfort and unbridled gaming precision. Enjoy extended gaming sessions in comfort with its right-handed ergonomic form factor crafted for the world of competitive gaming.

The Razer Deathadder Infrared gaming mouse is a wired USB 2.0 mouse that is designed to give the best performance and comfort while gaming. The prime feature of the mouse is the low response time, which is advertised as 1 millisecond, compared to a 8 millisecond response time on other mice. While I don’t know how to test something that quick, I have noticed that while playing games, especially shooters, my performance has improved noticeably. The mouse has a seven foot cord, which is more than enough for most computer set ups, and leaves me with a bit of extra wire that I’ve had to tie up so it doesn’t get in the way. The actual design of the mouse’s body is ergonomic, and fits naturally into your hand. However, it is only designed for right handed users, so left handed users will have to buy a left handed edition of the mouse, which is about five dollars more expensive on Amazon. The arc of the mouse is by far one of the most comfortable designs I have ever used, and for anyone that has a mouse that is painful or annoying to use, I would highly recommend this mouse even if it wasn’t used for gaming.

The tracking of the cursor is done through a 3500 dots per inch (dpi) infrared tracker, which provides a hugely accurate tracking system, meaning that every movement of your hand will be reflected on your screen. This makes aiming in games much more precise, and your cursor will reflect the small movements and nuances of your hand to improve your accuracy. What I really love about this mouse is the added nonslip grip on the mouse buttons that make sure that your hand doesn’t stray off of the mouse accidentally. Since the mouse is wired, there is no need for replacing batteries, and your mouse won’t die on you in the middle of a gunfight.

There is a Razer logo on the back of the mouse which glows while the mouse is in use, but this really isn’t that much of a problem because it will probably be covered by your hand anyway, and won’t be lit up while the computer is off. There are a number of different designs available for this mouse, including a Dragon Age 2 Edition mouse and four Transformer skins. All in all, I would recommend this mouse if you want a highly accurate mouse for gaming, or are sick of wireless mice for regular computer use.

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