Logitech M515 Wireless Mouse Review
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Logitech M515 Wireless Mouse Review

The Logitech M515 is a wireless mouse that offers the best features for a standard wireless mouse; with a two year battery life, long wireless range, and a unifying receiver that allows you to use the M515 with up to 5 other compatible Logitech devices, there is no other affordable wireless mouse that has a chance to stand up to the Logitech M515.

The Logitech M515 Wireless Mouse is an affordable and high quality wireless mouse from Logitech that focuses on providing everything that you normally expect from a wireless mouse in much better quality. The M515 sells for $17.99 on Amazon, making it one of the most affordable Logitech wireless mice on the market right now. As battery life is hugely important when using any wireless device, the M515 has an innovative feature that only turns the mouse on when you actually place your hand on it. This means that when you step away from the computer for more than a few seconds, the mouse will automatically turn itself off to save battery power. As a result of this innovative feature, you can go up to two years without replacing the batteries. While I found my battery life to be closer to 18 months, that is still a very long amount of time for a wireless mouse to run off of AA batteries. Logitech seems to have the longest battery life out of all wireless mice on the market today.

The tracking on the mouse is beautiful, working on all surfaces and allowing you to use this mouse in virtually any location, provided that the surface that you are using is not reflective or transparent, like glass or clear plastic. This is thanks to a sealed and rounded base that will prevent any fabrics or hairs getting trapped in the sensor, and allow for easy movement even over rougher surfaces like a couch. The best feature of this mouse, probably due to the fact that I use many Logitech devices with my computer, is the unifying receiver that allows up to 6 Logitech devices to connect to the computer using only a single receiver. This means that even if I switch to another Logitech mouse, I won’t have to switch the receiver, and I can use my Logitech keyboard off of the same receiver that I use for my mouse, conserving valuable USB slot space. The receiver is nano sized, which means that I can leave it in my laptop even when the laptop is turned off without fear of the receiver breaking off inside my computer. The M515 works on Windows based PCs running Windows XP, Vista, or 7, and Macintosh based PCs running Mac OS X 10.5 or later/ I would highly recommend this mouse to any computer users, because it offers absolutely everything any regular computer user would want from a wireless mouse.

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