How to Use a USB-based Web Camera at it's full potential
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How to Use a USB-based Web Camera at it's full potential

A simple guide on how to use a USB-based webcam to it's full potential

With the camera you've bought from a local camera store and you would like to communicate with friends and family, and you wonder for how to make it work at it's full potential? Well, with facts and experiences, this article will provide you with uses and tips on how to put your camera to it's full potential, so you can get the most kick out of it when it comes to your webcam use.

1. Install the software that comes with it

Yes, aside from the disc being the installer and the form of media containing the manual. The disc has some resources which you can use to make your camera more appealing.

2. Create your own frames

If you are tired of the standard frames within the camera's resource program, then you will have to make your own frames and images. In a future guide I shall teach you how to do so. Customizing frames is easy as long as you get the gist of the process.

3. Make Vlogs with it

If you're not vying for fame or you just want to vent out abit about your day, then the webcam program's recording function would do wonders for you. Windows movie maker somehow doesn't support USB CAMERAS, however you can turn windows movie maker as a supplementary program to create your video logs. From there you can post it to youtube or stickam and have a video of yourself telling how you'd feel about a certain issue or something.

4. Take pictures with it and add some special effects with it afterwards.

For those who love candid shots and fun with friends and family, here's the solution which you can do. Since most webcams have the standard capture feature, the best you can do is take photos with it and even better, opening the pictures with MS-Paint or GIMP and editing them with exaggeratingly awesome effects. That will amplify the laughs and smiles.

5. Record sounds with it

Given your webcam has a microphone feature embedded within it, you can easily use it to write songs or make one of those cheesy MP3's for you and your beau's anniversary, given you have the right tools also for sound mixing and editing.

With these key facts in mind for using the awesome peripheral known as the Webcam, you and your friends will smile for having so much fun with it. Share the smiles, share the fun and share the camera.

Comments are appreciated.

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Comments (1)

Nice one Antonio - thanks for the info! - but talk about Serendipity - I as just looking for a driver for my Alba Web Cam M6607M and was not successful - although it WAS working, my system does not pick up the driver....but trying to find a driver on the net is almost impossible.