How to Improve Your Microsoft Excel Skills
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How to Improve Your Microsoft Excel Skills

How to improve on already existing skills.

As new upgrades come out to software applications it is imperative that one stays abreast of the version and the changes to stay afloat in the competitive job market. MS Office products are no different. The latest release of MS Office included a huge learning curve to the end user (that would be you and me). MS use a different language to write MS Office application and thus, they look and perform differently, The most extensive and noticeable changes were made to the interface. It is now more 'intuitive' with the removal of the toolbar and the introduction to the 'ribbon'. Personally I love it. The application that has received the greatest overhaul was Excel. Not only is one challenged in using the multitude of features Excel has to offer, but now we must go hunting for them.

As stated it is a challenge, however once you meet the challenge of locating where everything now resides you have a bountiful assortment of improvements and options. In my opinion, the most difficult thing about mastering Excel is that unless you take a formal class, you will never know what all it really can do for you. I also recommend taking a basic algebra class to learn how all the formulas can work to accomplish an enormous amount of work for you with little effort. maybe even a statistic's class.

If you are wanting to improve already existing skills, take a look at There you will find training material, videos, and quizzes. There is even a download that you can use that will display the 'old' office feature. Upon selecting it, you receive a macro that guides you to where that feature is in Office '07.

If you're not interested in seeking out online assistance, open Excel and use the Help feature (F1). Type in what your trying to do. IE..pivot tables

In this area you will have step by step instructions of achieving the scenario you are trying to accomplish.

If you are a person that need face to face training, I recommend looking into your local library or bookstore. Free or nearly free classes are offered quite often.  If your city has community education classes, I highly recommend taking the course (I teach these in my community). Colleges/Jr. Colleges usually offer Extended Education classes as well. You do not get college credit nor do you need to declare a major, they are there for you to attain/maintain/improve skills.

Good luck and I hope your on your way to "Excel-ling"

Below I have added a few link to that will get you started.

Additional resources:

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