Anyware LED Backlit Keyboard Review
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Anyware LED Backlit Keyboard Review

Black Multimedia Keyboard with smooth "Whole silica gel" cushioned keys. This energy saving keyboard has a non-glare LED lighted board with a USB interface. Great for easy access to multi-media applications.

The Black LED lighted keyboard by Anyware is a backlit keyboard that is ideal for typing in dimly lit or dark places. It is very inexpensive, selling for less than thirty dollars on Amazon, which is surprising considering the backlit function. Every key is illuminated on this keyboard, and the backlight is turned on by pressing down the scroll lock. The only problem with this is that once scroll lock is engaged, the arrow keys are deactivated and become unusable. This can make applications like Excel very hard to use, as well as making games that require the arrow keys to play impossible. Also, the “Page Down” button is right next to the enter key, which messes me up quite a bit since I touch type. Another strange thing about this keyboard is the fact that the backspace and tab keys do not have the words backspace or tab printed on them. Instead, only the arrows are shown, and the backspace key is a little smaller than usual.

Besides those drawbacks, there isn’t that much bad to say about this keyboard. The keyboard works well with or without the backlight turned on, and can is easily visible in the middle of the night with no other lights on. Something that I was really worried about when I ordered this keyboard was the fact that it could cause eye strain, which is definitely a concern for me as I wear glasses almost constantly. Luckily, I found the light to be very soft and I can look at the keyboard just fine without hurting my eyes. It’s also a little smaller than most keyboards, which is nice for me because I do work on a slightly cramped desk.

I really like the feel of the keys, as they are soft touch and really easy to type with. I find that I have used so many keyboards that are soft touch that I could never go back to using a standard keyboard again. It would just feel too clunky. All I had to do to get this keyboard working out of the box was plug it in and start typing. While the layout is a little different, and the size is smaller than the standard keyboard, it just takes some getting used to. I am not able to fully touch type on this keyboard just yet, but I’m getting there, and really do like the backlit feature of this keyboard, and the price that I paid for

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